Multiverse of Madness Review.

I will keep this extremely short as I’m so disappointed in this film and what it had to offer. But it did have some shining moments, and all of them belong to Elizabeth Olson.

I’ve never been the biggest Doctor Strange fan, but could appreciate him and what he did for the avenger’s. Loved the first Doctor Strange and loved him in Spider-Man , so I was super hype for MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS and loved the entire concept of different realities.

This entire film just felt off for some reason. From the acting, to the dialogue, to the horrible special effects and CGI. It’s almost like marvel lost their marbles with this film and not in a good way. To put it honestly, the cgi looked very DCish. And that’s saying a lot, when marvel is known for having the better cgi/special effects team!

The entire film just felt silly and way too over dramatic. Given marvel is fantasy and it’s all unrealistic. But out of every single marvel movie, this is the one I believed the least. it felt super theater like with everyone giving these grand stage like performances for this little old marvel film. It just didn’t fit, granted this film has tons of super brilliant actors, so I was very confused.

Without giving away any spoilers Ms. Elizabeth Olson acted her ass off, almost as this film was paying her rent and she had something to prove! You could feel her pain with every line she spoke, and at times felt utterly terrified of her as she went to dark lengths to get what she wanted. I’m all here for the dark Wanda villain arc. And I feel like it’s completely understandable with all she’s went through and everything she’s lost. It was only a matter of time, I think she’s completely misunderstood and needs the guidance she lost with captain America and iron man. Every scene she was in stole the show and made this film at little more bearable.

I hate to give any marvel film a negative review or bad rating, and maybe I simply need to watch it again. But the thing is I honestly don’t want to, and would only subject myself to that kind of torture for Elizabeth Olson.

If you’ve seen Multiverse of Madness , what are your honest thoughts?! They can be different from mine. Let me know in the comments down below.

And as always … until next time friends. Be safe, wear your masks!

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