Spider-Man: far from home🕷🕸

So I saw Spider-Man far from home last week and was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it. Don’t get me wrong I’m a HUGE marvel whore. And I generally get excited about anything they produce. But I’ve just had a hard time getting into the 3rd spiderman. We had Toby McGuire who I LOVED. Then I fell inlove with Andrew Garfield and got used to him being Spider-Man. Then BAM they recast him after only two HIT films. So I’m honestly just getting around to loving Tom Holland as Spider-Man and dare I say it(HES THE BEST SPIDERMAN🤷🏾‍♀️). He’s the only actor out of all 3 that’s the closest to actual Peter Parker’s age and it seems real to me. Like Tom actually looks like an adorable science nerd who could also be a superhero. I believe it more when it’s coming from Tom. I hadn’t seen Spider-Man homecoming until a year after it was released. And was so happy when I found out iron man was in it and that made me like it even more. I also liked how he was introduced in captain America and then went on to be in the last two avengers. Getting the fans used to Tom and making us fall inlove with him even more. But back to the review. This film started off VERY slow. So slow I was a little worried I was gonna hate it. But it picked up and when it did that’s when the show really started! Jake gyllenhall was a standout to me!and possibly the best part (besides tom obviously)!! We all knew he was the villain but still we all sat there and got pulled in by those big blue eyes and charming personality and thought we could trust him. He was a brilliant villain. Overall it was a solid 8/10 for me. It started off too slow for my tastes. But I would definitely see it again. And Tom Holland is the best SPIDERMAN EVER. (Please don’t recast him and do ANOTHER SPIDER-MAN. I’m tired).

Avengers :endgame

Nearly 3 weeks later and I can finally talk about avengers end game. Literally wow, honestly the best marvel film to date. Yes it’s that good. It wraps up all unanswered questions and leaves you with a sad but happy heart. I don’t wanna post spoilers because a lot of people still haven’t seen it. But run don’t walk to the theater to see this film. It’s already passed the billion mark in its first weekend alone. Go see it!!! I cried multiple times. Happy and sad tears. But WELL worth it.

Ant-man stan❤️

Irony is when you skipped ant-man and ant-man and the wasp, because you THOUGHT they were the weakest (besides solo hulk films) marvel films. But you then sit down and watch them back to back and now you’re a SUPER HARDCORE ANTMAN STAN. point is NEVER judge a book or movie for that matter by it’s cover. Happy Saturday!

Captain marvel

Okay by now we have all seen the 3 final captain marvel trailers. And if you haven’t , you’ve been living under a rock. I will shamelessly admit my only interest in captain marvel is due to infinity war and how she’s suppose to be a key player in saving us all from thanos. Before that I’d barley heard of captain marvel or held any interest in her really. And to be honest the trailers don’t really hold much interest either. I’m not sure if it’s Brie larsons take on the character or if their is just that missing humor and fun all marvel films have, but something is definitely missing. Now I can’t judge a whole film on a few thrown together trailers… but going by what I’ve seen so far… it doesn’t look all that fun. It looks like something out of dcs cabinet. Now as a self proclaimed feminist I’m all for the lead being a bad ass female with all these super cool powers who could maybe defeat the all mighty annoying thanos. But the trailers are doing so little to hype it up for fans. And from what I can see in the comments of every trailer 80% is not entirely sure about the film or that excited for it either. It’s like they waited to long to release her solo film. I don’t know… I guess we will have to wait til March and see what ms. Marvel is all about. (Marvel God’s please don’t let me down)


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