Pink Venom Review


By: Shanise Lachelle

BLACKPINK is finally back with PINK VENOM and it’s something for sure. So let’s dig into it…

Now with teddy being their main producer and BLACKPINK having their “signature” sound, I think we all knew what it could possibly sound like. Still the teaser gave us hope it would sound like something they’ve NEVER done before.

And it gave us the same exact hardcore western mixed with the K-pop vibes BLACKPINK always does. Nothing new, nothing exciting!

Still I find myself rewatching PinkVenom and singing it around the house. So I guess Yg and Teddy know exactly what they’re doing! The song is fun and the choreography is sassy and easy to do. And the girls definitely pull out some of their best video looks to date!!!

Of course my absolute favorite moment was with our two rappers sharing some screen time. The last time they raped like this was KILL THIS LOVE. And I was so geeked and mind blown seeing them kill it! They look amazing and sound even better!

Jennie opens the song with a killer verse but Lisa’s verse was actually my favorite! Jisoo and rose also showed off their killer vocals and Jisoo looked PHENOMENAL!! She’s insanely gorgeous.

This is the problem with their singles, you often end up remembering their looks over the actual song itself!!!

But the great thing about PINK VENOM it’s jay an pre-single. Just to get them back out there after two years and create some buzz to let everyone know they’re BACK!!!

I’m intrigued to see what their actual album and singles sound like!

Overall I give the single 4/5, not memorable or anything spectacular. But for the looks, visuals, and overall grown confidence from each member! And the song no matter how MID , is still very catchy.

Have you seen PINK VENOM YET? Are you biting or wanting something new from black pink?! Let me know in the comments down below. Until next time Friends…..

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