Vampire Jungkook



As JEON JUNGKOOK IS MY ULTIMATE K-POP BOY, I am absolutely loosing my mind! Let’s dig into it!

I was a SERIOUS vampire girl in high school and even after! I’m talking TWILIGHT, VAMPIRE DIARIES, and of course TRUE BLOOD. Those movies and series carried me through my young adult hood and had a serious impact on me! They made me so happy and it was my first introduction into STAN CULTURE. And I still from time to time will turn any of them to watch and for comfort.

Having my ultimate boy from my ultimate K-pop group do a vampire theme photo shoot and concept book is honestly the best of both world for me! And he looks sensational of course, it’s JEON JUNGKOOK.

And as per usual the book is completely sold out! Thanks to army’s , but hopefully when it’s restocked , I can get my hands on it. the book is titled ME, Myself , and JUNGKOOK, and it’s beautifully shot and made.

Have you seen the now infamous Vampire jk photos floating around? Are you one of the lucky army’s who got a copy of the concept book? Let me know your thoughts down below in the comments.

AND AS ALWAYS FRIENDS, until next time…..


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