After Like Review


By: Shanise Lachelle

Girl Group IVE has just released an end of summer total BOP and it has all the girlies shaking in their boots! Let’s dig into it…

Now I’ve seen hype around IVE , but just never really got into them. They never caught my eye, until now. AFTER LIKE is a cute romantic bop about what stage of crushing and liking is next? And the next step is usually falling inlove! The song is so catchy and you can’t help but sing “WHATS AFTER LIKE… you and I”

It helps even MORE the song samples I will survive and it gives me total MAMMA MIA vibes and I’m so here for it!

If anything is going to sky rocket them to the top and have them competing with the likes of Itzy and Aespa, it’s this song! I see HUGE things happening for them with this song! It’s just that good, not to mention the styling and the entire video just gives me new disco vibes.

Surprisingly enough the rap lines part of the video was my favorite, it flowed and just seemed so natural . In a song that probably could have done without a rap, but it fit perfectly.

I don’t know much of anything about these girls, but now my interest is PEEKED.

The girl groups lately have just been hitting it out of the park and I’m so happy for all of them! The girls are winning and have not missed ONCE!

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