Favorite BlackPink Comebacks

By:Shanise Lachelle

I’ve been a blink for a few years now. And actually became a blink before I was Army. BlackPink is a K-pop girl group , that works under the label Yg. Their take on K-pop is sometimes a hit or mess with fans alike, as it has a lot of western influences in their music.

When I got into BlackPink they had to exploded on the music scene in the states with kill this love. It was my first introduction to K-pop and to BlackPink, and I was obsessed. Now I didn’t fully get into that comeback and really came around towards the end of it. But I still consider myself a baby blink during that time. after that it was history and I became a huge fan of the girls! And it got me thinking, what’s my favorite comeback they’ve done?!

So I’ll be ranking my favorite BLACKPINK comebacks in order, and only the comebacks I’ve been apart of!


How You Like That


Kill This Love


Pink Venom

What’s your favorite BlackPink Comeback?! I so wish I was a fan during Du Du Du. But let me know in the comments down below!

And as always… until next time friends.

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