Born Pink Reaction

By : Shanise Lachelle

After fully listening to the Born Pink album I’m ready to fully dive into my favorite songs and what my honest thoughts are , on this long awaited album! So let’s get into it blinks…..

First things first, I am blown away and the girls fully delivered!! Pink venom got us hype but we wanted more. Shut Down fed us well and left us wanting MORE. And they did not disappoint. Even the leaked Ready to Love sounds amazing and remastered.

This album is the big sister to their debut The Album from 2020. A lot of the singles off Born Pink even sound like more flushed out versions of some of their older singles. Which is hugely In part due to them ALWAYS working with their favorite producer Teddy. Which blinks and casual fans have a love-hate relationship with. He tends to keep the girls in a box but the box is always full of catchy bops so it’s a double edge sword.

Vocally Jisoo and Jennie really SHINED the most in this album. Rose is always great and Lisa always surprises me with her vocal abilities. But Jisoo and Jennie just stood out the most to me, especially during The Happiest Girl. the rap line COMPLETELY ATE DOWN!! Type Girl proves that blackpinks rap line could hang with the big leagues!

Born pink delivers on every single level!! As a proud blink it was well worth the two year wait!! I give this album 5/5, once again their lead singles trick us and the b-sides end up being better songs and outshining the lead single.

Have you listened to Born Pink? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments down below. As always … until next time friends.

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