Favorite Born Pink Singles.

By :Shanise Lachelle

Hello friends and HAPPY SUNDAY! today starts a new week and this week will be all about Black Pink and their new album BORN PINK. So let’s get into, but before we do make sure you’re subscribed to the blog , so you can stay updated with future blog posts and much more!

Today we will be talking about my BORN Pink Favorites. Now don’t get me wrong, the entire album is 5/5. And I LOVE every song, but of course I favor some more than others. So let’s go…. Maybe we will have some of the same favorites…

1. Typa Girl- VERY MUCH OBSESSED WITH THIS SONG. it’s my new it girl anthem.

2. SHUT DOWN- another diss song to the haters, because we know BLACKPINK has many. And I’m living for all the confidence and SHADE!!!!

3. The Happiest Girl- I never thought BlackPink would have a ballad I absolutely LOVE. But here we are, the girls all sound absolutely incredible!! And this is the first time I’ve actually heard them sing and belt. Probing the haters wrong once again that they’re more than just cool K-pop idols. They can actually SING.


5. Hard to LOve- this is rose song!! And I love the chill beat but also the message behind it.

5. Pink VENOM- not my favorite BlackPink single but it’s so catchy and fire!! Had to put her on the list.


With this being only their SECOND official album. The girls are letting EVERYONE know they’re here to stay and this is why they’re so loved. But also why they’re so hated. BlackPink consistently puts out amazing songs . And they’re full of confidence and grow to be better artists each comeback! I know we blinks complain about the same old teddy – BlackPink formula. But they’ve found their sound and they’re owning it.

One things for sure, you know a BLACK PINK SONG WHEN YOU HEAR IT. One of a kind never duplicated.

BlackPink is here to stay, and Born Pink just proves that !

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