Guess Who?

By : Shanise Lachelle

Finally the time has come, ITZY is making a comeback. I feel like it’s been forever and a day since we got a new itzy era, even though we just got not shy in August. This will be my first official itzy comeback, I became a fan during the not shy era, so I’m SUPER excited.

I noted a few months back that when the girls changed their hair color that a new era was pending and I was so RIGHT!!!

Which songs are you excited about? And which song do you think will be the single?! I’m claiming sorry not sorry and kidding me!!!

I love the promo pictures we’ve gotten so far and the girls look AMAZING. If itzy is known for anything though it’s their amazing choreography. So ya girl can’t wait to be fed!! Itzy let’s do this!!!

Shinees Back!!

By : Shanise Lachelle

When I tell you I joined this fandom at the right time, I JOINED AT THE RIGHT TIME. Shinee have decided to re-release their 7th album and add 3 brand-new tracks.

One we heard at their concert (Atlantis), and their new promo pictures are so cute. I’m living for the peter pan/lost boy vibes. And all the boys look insanely GORGEOUS.

I know we only heard atlantis once, but I feel like it could really be a BOP! It is shinee of course!! I can’t wait for the video, from taemins and onews live, we’re getting Pirate vibes! I love me a good pirate’s of the caribbean moment.

I know onew is worried they will loose fans after atlantis, because tae is enlisting, but I know we will be here after. He has nothing to worry about.

Are you excited for atlantis!?!?

Shinee World review

By :Shanise Lachelle

Last night or this morning if you want to be technical, shinee gave us the Performances of their lives!! I’ve been to a few kpop online concerts, but I’ve NEVER been to a shinee concert. I am a baby fan and became a fan during don’t call me era.

These boys know how to put on a show!!! They really went all out and danced their little bums off, so much so they were dripping in sweat by the end of the first 5 songs. I like how you could tell most of it was live, unlike the other concerts were they pre-recorded a few Performances, A good 90% of shinees Performances were absolutely live. If you had any doubt, every time they finished a song you could hear their breathing. And a few times it looked like onew and tae were having mic problems.

I was bummed we didn’t get BODY RHYTHM, and yes I’m SALTY about it. And they didn’t perform kind live, also salty about it. But we got a major Performance of Don’t call me and I was introduced to chemistry and instantly fell in love!!!! Chemistry was definitely my favorite part, the choreography and the VISUALS… Big D energy for sure.

They all looked so happy to be back together and was all smiles every time the camera was on them. Especially minho and key, they were absolutely LIVING. Onew looked a little frustrated at times when his mic went out and when his voice cracked. And I just wanna tell my bias he still did absolutely AMAZING!!! And don’t be upset about it, no matter how much you practice and prepare, things will go wrong.

Overall I enjoyed every single PERFORMANCE and they truly ate that stage up. I’m proud to have become a stan when I did, even though apparently taemin is about to enlist so that means another break.

They also performed Atlantis for the first time, I feel like I could love it. I just need to watch the video and listen to it more.

I love you shinee and I’m so proud!!! You guys did so well.

Shinees Back!!

By : Shanise Lachelle

Guess who’s living their best life and going to Shinees concert this Saturday/Sunday?! MEEEEEE. I was hesitant to buy tickets, because I’m a baby stan and I won’t know any of their older songs ( but REPLAY), SO I thought it would be pointless. But then I thought it would just give me a reason to get into their older music if I hear it live! And I figured they’ll Mostly PERFORM don’t call me and maybe a new song from atlantis…

Either way, I’m super excited and can’t wait. This will be my 3rd online concert experience, and can I just say as an Taurus INTROVERT ,I prefer online concerts. And don’t know why we had to wait for covid to get this brilliant idea. The idea of watching your favorite band from your BED!?! Groundbreaking!!

Catch me back on Monday for a full concert review!!!!! I’m so excited to see my babies.

Bambi reaction/review

By : Shanise Lachelle


did baekhyun completely eat bambi up!?! Yes, yes he did. I was a little worried when he said bambi would be westernized, my immediate thought was ” ew why, american music all sounds the same”, but I was completely shocked and SHOOK after hearing bambi. It’s definitely grown up 30 year old baekhyun and he SOUNDS amazing. He has such great control over his voice. And he even does that baekhyun high note I love so much. Now let’s talk about that choreography, because my man’s did NOT HAVE TO GO THAT HARD. I was truly speechless, not to mention I woke up at 5 in the am to watch and could barely process the greatness that was happening before my eyes. baekhyun is truly such a special artist and he has it ALL!!! He’s a great front man , band mate AND phenomenal solo artist. Not to mention how incredibly charming he is. I’m so proud of him and can’t wait for the full album.

The album sample sounds incredible and he’s hitting high notes like ariana grande. I’m gonna be sad twerking for a year( he’s enlisting soon and I’m so sad about it.)

Did you like bambi? Did it pass your expectations?!

Grandpa Taehyung

By : Shanise Lachelle

When I first discovered Bts, and I was making my rounds trying to figure out just who my bias was, I had a moment with tae. Dynamite V brought it out of me and I was like just gassed , because homeboy was fine AS HELL DURING DYNAMITE ERA, LIKE WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK. And I just got this total confident fuckboy vibe from him. Boy was I wrong. After watching interviews and seeing him outside the stage, tae is a big ass sweet grandpa.

His style definitely had to grow on me. I was so used to seeing swag fuckboy tae on stage, it was like a completely different person off stage. But now I just LOVE his expensive ass Grandpa fashion sense. In my opinion , his style had the biggest glo-up. He just always looks so cozy and warm and RICH. Which he definitely is. Definitely a real life BEAR.

In this house we stan and respect Grandpa taehyung.

Delight review/ Favorites

By: Shanise Lachelle

Ahh , I know this review is extremely late. Considering I’ve been listening to this album on repeat and having several dance parties for weeks now. I finally got around to listening to my little bacons second ep and as expected I LOVED IT. Exo members are just really exceptional at doing R&b music. It’s just facts, I don’t make the rules. If his label wanted to and if america wasn’t a giant racist pool, baekhyun would be extremely popular in the states. He’s adorable, he’s loud and funny, and he can dance/sing. Girls would eat him up for sure. And some men too. ANYWAYS, here’s my favorites off delight.

1. Underwater- just call me the number 1 underwater stan. I just LOVE this song. And it makes me fall even harder for baekhyun. His voice is just so damn good. Exo are lucky to have him.

2. Poppin- I kid you NOT, one day I replayed this song like 12 times and NEVER got tired of it. Not once , that’s when you know a song is good.

3. Candy- sorry not sorry, I just love this song and the choreography. My man is truly so talented.

What’s your favorite off delight?! And do you prefer exo baekhyun or solo baekhyun!?

Happy birthday Lisa!

By : Shanise Lachelle

Today is lisa from blackpinks birthday! And obviously I had to post about our little talented maknae. When I first found out about blackpink, Lisa caught my eye first in kill this love. I just thought she was the coolest . Then I watched some of her dance videos and was shook. She’s so talented and truly the baddest out there. Just waiting on her solo- looking at you Yg. She’s so stunning and has legs for DAY’S. And when she’s not eating up the stage, she’s the cutest little bean. I would have never guessed she was their maknae. Also had to show love to lovesick girls Lisa, BECAUSE LOVESICK GIRLS LISA MADE ALOT OF POINTS.

Exo the war review

By : Shanise Lachelle

I’m finally getting around to writing about my favorite songs off the war. Firstly I ordered the Chinese version, I didn’t know they had both a korean/Chinese version. So imagine my surprise when I listen to the eve and it sounds NOTHING like the youtube version I’ve been listening too. Anyways it still slaps and as usual I loved the entire album. Here are my favorites

1. Forever

Was not expecting this song to go this hard but it did and I’m OBSESSED. Baekhyun and chen in the chorus* eats fist*. CHANYEOL rap…. Oof . It’s the whole song for me honestly.


3. The eve

4. Walk on memories

Y’all I really loved this entire album. And the VISUALS were everything and I was OBSESSED. What’s your favorite off the war?! Looks like I stan exo for life and I’m officially an exo-l. And I’m only two albums in…..

Favorite Male idols

By : Shanise Lachelle

Now this has to be my favorite list I’ve ever put together. Here are (some,) of my favorite Male kpop idols . In no particular order, even though by now alot of you should know who my biases are. Everyone on this list is EXTRA talented, I just know if kpop was americanized , they’d also be popular over there as well.

1. Jungkook- I know I said no particular order, but my number 1 has to be number one. He’s after all the golden maknae. And my favorite person on this entire planet.

2. Baekhyun- my little bacon has quickly become one of my favorite people, not only his talent, but his hyper personality and humourous wit makes you instantly fall inlove with him. Let’s not forget those cheeks.


3. Suho- now we get into soft hours, if you would have told 14 year old Shanise that 29 year old Shanise would have a thing for soft men, she’d laugh in your face. I used to LOVE a bad boy/ dickhead, so the fact that I’ve now been introduced to soft gentle men, I love it here and im never leaving. From his soft spoken manner,to his soft singing voice, to his soft but firm leadership skills, suho instantly stole my heart.

4. Do- A insane POWERFUL R&b voice but the most simple, sweet and quiet personality. You almost forget he’s in one of the biggest kpop groups in the world or even forget he’s sitting there. He’s comfortable with blending in to the background and letting his members take the lead. Which I can relate to. He also never really talks unless he has something important to say, which I also love. It’s easy to look over him and think of him as boring. I don’t, I just think Do is the sweetest thing. And I wanna protect this little plump lip boy from the world. There’s something special about his quietness.

5 . Minho- I’ve just been introduced to Mr. Flaming personality , and thought ” oh my god he is so FINE” . I would have NEVER thought he was in the maknae line or so soft and cute outside the stage. He’s literally a big giant adorable baby. And I’m not offering my hand in marriage, but I’m also NOT offering my hand . Also didn’t realize he was this insane rapper. He literally loves his members so much and always dotes on them. And he’s GREAT with kids. Whoever marrys him is gonna be so lucky.

6. Onew- the president of Soft boy. He just makes my heart melt into a puddle and makes me wanna bake cookies and cakes for him. And listen to him quietly explain his day. And do puzzles together. Look I wanna live that cottage core life with onew.

now on to the kpop boys that eat up the stage every time and have me double question who my bias is- EVERY SINGLE TIME.

7. Taemin- truly the devil child of shinee. He’s so chaotic and a literal spoiler king. He’s hilarious but when he gets on STAGE, my son leaves NO CRUMBS. NONE!! And everyone is well fed.

8. Jimin- so much chaotic good in this little body. Jimin will get on stage and have you questioning your entire bias line. He’s so POWERFUL and mighty. If jimin asked for my first born- I’d happily hand it over. And you’d be wise to do the same.

9. Kai- man, kai gets on stage and performs like the rent is due EVERY DAMN TIME. He never lets you rest, and his solo album- FULL OF BOOTY POPPING BOPS. He would be on my soft boy list, If it wasn’t for all the times he gets on stage and looses his damn mind. DEMON. Mmh kai is the cultural reset kpop needed. And that’s FACTS.

10. Taehyung- would also be on my soft boy list, but have you seen tae perform?!? He gives off this grandpa vibe in everyday life then gets on stage and becomes a whole entire hoe, and for that reason alone, I will stan for LIFE. I love me a grandpa acting hoe.

These are my favorite kpop boys, just off the top of my head and the ones I’m most invested in. did any of your favorites make the list? And which do you prefer more? The demon line? Or soft boy line?