Left and Right review

By: Shanise Lachelle

Left and Right , the brand new single from Charlie Puth and Jungkook has been out for a few weeks now. And I wanted to hate it so bad , because I’m not a huge fan of Charlie. But it turns out it’s a bop and I shouldn’t even be surprised. So let’s dig into it.

The song is a cute pop bop about missing an old lover and not being able to get them out of your head. The boys vocals go magically well together and melts together like chocolate.

I may be bias , but jungkook steals the show and sounds so amazing. I know it’s been a long dream of his to fully collaborate with Charlie, so I’m happy he’s finally being able to.

The video is also super colorful and cute. With jungkook showing off some fun acting skills!

This part here had to be one of my favorite jungkook moments in the video. he’s truly just so precious!! Also this pink fit he had on, he just looked so AMAZING. never knew I needed jungkook in a pink jean set until now!!! The stylist deserves a RAISE!

I give the song 5/5, it’s super catchy and ends up getting stuck in your head. Left and right shall be on repeat this summer. I’ll give kudos where it’s due, well done Charlie Puth.

Have you listened to Left and Right yet?! Let me know your thoughts on the single down below.

And as always, until next time friends!

Life’s too Short Reaction.

By: Shanise Lachelle

As we get ready for Asespas second mini album, they’ve released an all English promo single. Let’s get into it!

By looking at the promo pictures I just knew we were getting a slower song. It was giving me forever vibes, soft and kawaii. And I wasn’t wrong at all. Life’s too Short is a message to the haters that no matter what Aespa are going to keep doing what they love and the haters should worry about themselves! And I couldn’t agree more actually.

Ever since they’ve debuted, they have been met with so much hate it’s absolutely ridiculous. From karina getting hate for getting promoted first, NingNing getting hate for being Chinese, The Aespa avatar idea got them hate and so on.

It’s like no matter how many new fans they gained they also gained tons more haters and I didn’t get it until recently.

Every girl in Aespa is a all rounder. They can sing, dance and rap. Not to mention the vocals that every member produces is strong. And any one of them could be a lead vocal if need be. Not every group has a strong vocal presence like that.

Karina for example is part of the rap line and dance line, but totally shows off her vocal range in this song and I was very impressed. I honestly didn’t know she had it in her.

I give this single 4/5, only because I was hoping for something faster and with a hard hitting choreography. But I get not every single has to be like that and they have to show different sides to them. This is the softer and vocal side. And MYS are eating it up. The girls sound amazing and look well refreshed.

I can’t wait to see what else their mini album GIRLS has in store for us. I love Illusion and I love Lifes too Short. And would’ve preferred a video to illusion but I like what we got with life’s to short and I LOVED the message behind it.

Let me know your feelings about the new singles so far in the comments down below.

And as always until next time friends…

Pop Pop Pop!

By : Shanise Lachelle

Nayeon , the nations ultimate center has finally released her highly anticipated solo! Let’s dig into it.

Nayeon is the first member of Twice to go solo and I just know she’s making the girls proud. I was a little hesitant when I heard the clips honestly. I didn’t think I was gonna like it at all and I honestly ended up loving it!

As problematic as JYP is for several other reason’s we WON’T get into today. He does know how to make a K-pop banger, and he always gives the bangers to his female artists.

Pop does a great job at introducing Nayeon as a solo artist. And if you’re a twice fan you know this song does well with fitting her personality.

The song is fun, catchy and instantly gets stuck in your head. It reminds me off 2nd and 3rd gen K-pop songs. It’s not trying to sound western and it’s totally giving Og K-pop vibes and I’m here for it.

She’s also created a TikTok challenge for the song and I’ve even tried it. And if you know me you know I shy away from TikTok dances with a PASSION. But this is one I just had to try. And actually I want to perfect it.

I give Pop 5/5 and it’s totally coming for song of the year, I said what I said K-pop fans!!

Have you watched the video and listened to Pop yet?! if not go watch it and come back so we can discuss it more!

Let me know in the comments down below your thoughts!!

And as always friends… until next time.

Itzy in Theaters Near You.

By : Shanise Lachelle

I honestly can’t believe I’m saying this again, but one of the biggest girl groups and GROUPS of the 4th generation is doing an American tour in ….THEATERS.

To say midzy and K-pop fans alike are annoyed, is an understatement. First Txt and now Itzy. I just don’t understand how jyp looks at them and don’t see arenas?! They could easily fill arena’s if they wanted to, they actually have the fanbase and that much power!

It’s so frustrating that they’re limiting the girls and their talent to school size auditoriums. I know they’re happy just to be performing safety again and on tour, but they deserve so much more.

JYP seems to have zero issues over working them but can’t seem to see their actual worth.

I will be attempting to get Itzy tickets and I really hope I can manage to get them, because they’re one of my favorites and I’m dying to see them live! I just know it’s going to be a big show.

What do you think about yet another huge group being subjected to Theater’s?! Let me know In the comments down below.

And as always friends… until next time…

CheckMate Itzy.

By : Shanise Lachelle

If it’s one thing my girls Itzy know how to do , it’s put out a killer comeback with an equally addicting choreography as well. You had the head crown movement with loco, the shoulder dance with wannabe and the hahaha dance with mafia . Itzy are PERFORMERS, and we will always be fed will with them no matter what!

They’ve returned and this July we will be getting checkmate! The brand new single and album from Itzy. The theme seems royal and classy. And the girls ALL have dark hair, I’m so excited. I do believe this is the first time they’ve all had the same hair color for a comeback.

The feels I’m getting is Bts Black Swan vibes. Like we’re going to get something dramatic but a super bop! I can’t wait to see the choreography, it also helps that JYP hasn’t spoiled the song yet and we’re all just left guessing.

I can’t wait to see the rest of the promo pictures and promo videos. And you know I’ll be right back here to gag and talk about it all with you.

Are you excited for The new Itzy comeback? What are you expecting Checkmate to sound like?! Sound off in the comments below.

And as always friends… until next time…

Chloe and Normani

By: Shanise Lachelle

I know you’re looking at this title and thinking “ SHANISE I KNOW YOUR NOT ABOUT TO COMPARE THEM” and yes I am, But not in the way you think.

Both girls have established themselves in young Hollywood from a young age. With Chloe being apart of the dynamic sister duo ChloexHalle, and Normani being apart of the now broken up girl group Fifth Harmony.

But as solo artist’s, one seems to have the upper hand and the better roll out plan. Normani has been solo a few years ahead of Chloe. Yet she’s been met with mixed reactions and LOTS of features on her songs or being featured on someone else’s songs. And you have Chloe blowing up and dropping fire single after fire single.

Chloe is always promoting herself on every social media platform and going live to talk to fans and sing covers.

Then you have Normani who only seems to engage with her fans when she has music dropping. Normani drops a single once every year with the constant promise of a amazing album. And then you have Chloe who hasn’t even been solo a full year yet, and we have 3 different singles from her.

I know it’s also down to their management teams and their label’s. Normani’s label seems to suck and not fully believe in her talent. Where as Chloe’s label is fully behind Chloe and promoting her.

It’s makes me sad for Normani, because it’s not a competition, but pretty soon Chloe will surpass her and people will grow bored with Normani and the empty promises of a album.

They’re both extremely talented girls and both have super bright future’s! I could even seen the two girls doing a collab and it blowing up!!

I honestly just think Normani needs a new management at this point. It’s taking way to long for her debut album to come out and people are starting to get bored with the waiting.

I really hope for the best for Normani and know she can do it, just needs the right team behind her! And Chloe girl, keep doing what you’re doing!! You’re flourishing as a solo artist!


By : Shanise Lachelle

It’s official, Aespa is coming back with another mini album titled GIRLS.

Just from hearing illusion alone, I’m so Intrigued and excited to see what Girls is gonna sound like.

Nothing else has been announced except for the title, illusion, and these concept photos. If you’ve been around long enough you know that Savage was one of my my favorite releases of 2021. Every single song was a bop!

I’m so excited for the girls as they continue on their journey and can’t wait to see what they smash out with this second album!!

See you Soon BangTan!

By : Shanise Lachelle

It was just announced today during Bts 9 year festa dinner that they would be taking an Hiatus and focusing on solo work.

At first being hit with that news while at work I panicked and started to cry. I’ve only had Bts for two years and it doesn’t seem long enough. And every group that’s ever said they were taking a break , never come back. Look at One Direction.

But after watching the clips and watching each member express gratitude and tell army they just want a break and a chance to figure out who they are outside of Bts. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for them. They’ve been going nonstop for 9 years, of course they’re tired and want to experience solo adventures within their career and it’s only right army gives them the chance to do so.

I’m so excited for 7 solo albums and to see them really express themselves individually. But super sad as well to see BTS go on break.

I hope they rest well and do whatever their heart desires!!

Army will forever STAND BEHIND BTS.

Bts ComeBack Week!

By: Shanise Lachelle

Hello Army, it is officially Bts comeback week And bts anniversary month!!!

On Friday June 10, we will have a brand new single yet to come and the music video! I’m so excited and incredibly nervous for the boys!

As usual I have no idea what to expect from the new single and going by the promo pictures I’m even more confused. I had zero idea what to expect from butter and was pleasantly surprised.

I want to say it’s going to be a ballad if we’re just going by these photos alone….. but Bts has been know to throw us off with teasers before.

And since their last Korean single was something of a slow song/ballad, I don’t think this one will be. Giving the whole theme of the album and the songs they picked.

I am STILL so excited for Friday and can’t wait!! We’ve been begging for a comeback for so long it seems and I’m so happy it’s finally here. Yet to Come is sure to be a banger!

Harry’s House Review

By : Shanise Lachelle

After hearing As it was, I still didn’t fully know what to expect from Harry’s third studio album. The thing is with Harry, his singles end up being vastly different from what’s on his album. And he’s become known for having a mixture of different genres of music. Still I had zero clue how he would top my then favorite harry album FINE LINE. Which brought us hits like ; Golden, Cherry, lights up and of course watermelon sugar.

Harry’s House is without a doubt my favorite Harry styles album EVER! This entire body of work feels so warm and comforting. It’s like a nice warm blanket on a ice cold day. It’s like Harry is singing to his fans and letting us in on all his inner thoughts and workings.

This album has been on repeat since it came out and is blowing up on TikTok. Every single song!! That’s how you know you have a hit album right there.

What makes Harry’s music even more special is that he takes his time and perfects his craft. He’s not rushing out music just for the sake of it. Or making the type of music his peers are making or whatever people expect from an ex-boyband member. He’s truly making music he wants to make and is involved in every step of the way.

Harry Edward Styles is truly so special and I can’t wait to watch him continue to grow as an artist.

Every year I wonder how Harry will top himself? And he outdoes it every time!! Harry’s House is 5/5, do yourself a favor and give it a listen. You won’t regret it.