Ant-man stan❤️

Irony is when you skipped ant-man and ant-man and the wasp, because you THOUGHT they were the weakest (besides solo hulk films) marvel films. But you then sit down and watch them back to back and now you’re a SUPER HARDCORE ANTMAN STAN. point is NEVER judge a book or movie for that matter byContinue reading “Ant-man stan❤️”


it’s hard to review this film without posting spoilers. And as people are still seeing it I won’t say too much . Was it a good film? Yes absolutely! Did it leave you with a lot of unanswered questions? Yes . Was it better than get out?! In my personal opinion, NO. I preferred getContinue reading “US REVIEW”

Thank you , next

As an Ariana grande fan I was severely disappointed in sweetener. I only liked ntltc and god is a woman . So I was happy when I found out that she was doing another album, but was slightly nervous that it would follow the previous route. But as I sit here listening to the albumContinue reading “Thank you , next”

Velvet buzzsaw

For the last couple of weeks I’ve heard countless things (mostly bad) about this film and how awful and let down a lot of people were. I also saw the trailer and was like nah so I skipped it. Cut to a few weeks later and people are STILL bitching about it, so i decidedContinue reading “Velvet buzzsaw”

Assassination nation….

I had to watch this film TWICE just to wrap my head around this masterpiece. This movie came out around September 2018 and I’d saw many ads on social media about it and even saw the trailer but it looked like nonsense, so I skipped it. Holy shit what a HUGE mistake that was. ThisContinue reading “Assassination nation….”