Avec amour now open

My online store Avec amour is now open and everything is available to purchase. I am currently operatomg through Instagram until I get a good amount of followers and feedback. Then I plan to open my Etsy shop over the summer. Check me out at avec_amour_by_shanise_ on Instagram. Thankyou❤️

Little review

Now I’ve been excited about this film Ever since I’ve seen the trailer. And did it live up to the hype?! It most certainly did. It was really good and really cute . The movie stars marsai Martin , Regina hall and Issa Rae. 14 year old marsai is the executive producer and the whole movie was her idea! Making her the youngest ever to achieve this! Let’s talk about black girl magic. You have 3 leading black actresses, the producer is black and the director and writers are all black women!👏👏👏 marsai May be little but she has big goals and is accomplishing more than most adults ever do. It’s truly history in the making. Especially for little chocolate girls to see someone like them on the big screen. I never had anyone that looked like me growing up on tv. Maybe if I did I would’ve turned out different and much more confident in my skin. This movie is definitely worth a watch! I give it 5/5. Go see it and take your friends and family to see it. She deserves to have this film do extremely well!! Hard working little big boss. Go ahead girl. Do your thing.


so very excited for this!! Have you seen the trailers?! Ready for a new cheesy love saga to obsess over?! After is about a super innocent girl who goes off to college and has her world turned upside down by the mysterious bad boy and his group of emo friends . Who oddly enough has a secret love for old classic literature. Now if you’re saying to yourself this story sounds very familiar, it’s because it was once a very popular one direction fanfic era 2013. But since becoming published and being bought for a movie deal, it’s been completely changed around a bit. (Gotta avoid those lawsuits). Anyhow it’s generated ALOT of online hate from fake feminists and the 11 year old 1D fan base. To which is making the film and books more popular. Check

It out come April 12. It may surprise you.