Don’t have a date this year?! That’s okay get a couple of your single girlfriends together and celebrate galentines day ❣️❤️ . . Go to the movies and see: fantasy island- the perfect anti-valentines day flick Go to the bars- since valentines 🤢 day falls on Friday I’m sure TONS of bars/clubs will be doingContinue reading “❣️Galentines❣️”

Fun date ideas for valentines day❤️

Now we all know everyone will be doing dinner and a movie(boring), so let’s switch it up a bit. 1. Go go-cart racing! ❤️ 2.go bowling❤️ 3.go play mini golf❤️ 4. Go to an amusement park/fair❤️ OR 5. Just Stay home with a home cooked meal and a bottle of wine and the company ofContinue reading “Fun date ideas for valentines day❤️”