Why little mix won’t make it

Happy 2020🍾🥂 let’s get into it!

Don’t be alarmed by the title

Little mix is Stilll that girl group and the best girl group out of this past decade. And my favorite girl group-EVER. But that being said I’m very OVER their management teams at this point. At the beginning of 2019/ ending of 2018 they let go of modest management, which is run by the devil Simon cowhorns. And we thought ” YES OUR TIME HAS FINALLY COME, world tour here we come” 🤡. We thought WRONG. I have no CLUE why little mix thought getting rid of their management in the middle of releasing one of their BEST albums was a smart choice.🤡 the promo was HORRIBLE and all over the place. Not to mention the cancelling of all the tours in Australia and Asia. Like cancelling tours in their biggest support areas was A BAD PR MOVE. And quite possibly SABOTAGE! Cause like why else? Why? WHY?!!!!!!

Not to mention they don’t mingle with other people in the industry. Like that is KEY to longevity in this industry. You don’t have to like the people or become life long friends- although it helps in the long run. But mingling helps your career ALOT. Come on. They laugh about how they stick together at awards shows and events and at first it’s like OK CUTE HAHAHAH. But now it’s like Hahah do y’all want a career or NAH?! How do they ever expect to break America and get the attention they rightfully deserve if they don’t talk to people?!🤡 do you know how far connections GO IN THIS INDUSTRY AND THIS WORLD?! They’re not famous enough to not talk and make connections. They’re not, they don’t have that luxury yet. Had they laid down those foundations when their promo was great- DNA ERA/get weird era, they’d be SUPER famous.

Period!!! They have the charm, the voices… the VOICES!!! Have you heard them sing live or accapella?!!!!!! Honestly … angels on earth. Each of them can sing and how many groups is there out there where ALL of them can sing?! – there is none- NEXT. They can all dance and hold a routine! They love each other -genuinely. They actually like each other. They’re actually FUNNY. Watch their funny moments and try not to laugh. They literally shut it down every performance no matter how big or small! They remix their singles every time they perform them, EVERY TIME. The routines , their look, the videos, like I could go on and on but point is- THEY GOT IT. They got it all. So why aren’t they’re more famous?!!!!!!!

They also go on too many holidays/vacations. They go away for tour for like 2 mins and already they miss their boyfriends blah… like how do you EVER expect to break anywhere when you constantly go on vacation and whine about your boyfriend?! Like I get it – they’re busy and they don’t get to see their family a lot but comeon. The amount of holidays they took in 2019 alone was ridiculous. RIDICULOUS. It’s like they don’t take their careers as serious as they want us to believe.

Once again they don’t have the luxury to just sit around and do the absolute bare minimum and go on fancy vacations. They don’t. They’re not Beyoncé or Rihanna level yet or at all.

Now I’ll give them their credit they’re the biggest girl group of this decade and the biggest western girl group. But people still don’t know who they are and their music STILL isn’t popular outside of the uk and Europe. Like what are we gonna change going into 2020 girls!? Cause y’all have it all- looks , music, the voices, the charm, the talent, …… so what is gonna change?! Cause honestly im TIRED!!! Imagine how tired your fans are. All this talent and the world is sleeping on you and it’s mostly because of you and your management. Y’all could be doing so much more… SO MUCH MORE. Y’all have it ALL… like 😔 . I just want y’all to be world known . Why don’t y’all want it too?! Where’s that hunger gone?!

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