2019 and beyond

My generation-the millennials is FULL of boys who don’t know how to treat women. And all this can boil down to is they were loved and the girls were actually being raised! Meaning we knew how to clean,cook, pay bills , etc. before we even turned 18, while the boys were getting spoiled and doingContinue reading “2019 and beyond”

The mess that is TAU

The third single off of little mixes LM5 is think about us, and the promo for it has been all over the place! They’ve done all of 3 tv performances of it and haven’t done much radio promo for it. Cut to the video being hyped up by all four girls and them posting teasers,Continue reading “The mess that is TAU”

Captain marvel. Part 2

So as I predicted captain marvel has not gotten the hype as her fellow marvel films. People are simply just not excited for it and it’s projected to have a low opening weekend. I know I also said I wasn’t really sure about it, but as a feminist and a supporter of anything with aContinue reading “Captain marvel. Part 2”


Why are girls raised different from boys?! Why do we have to be polite and smile and keep our legs closed and put on a bra when male relatives come around and also in general cover up when male relatives come around. And why are we basically breed to know how to take care ofContinue reading “Why”

Assassination nation….

I had to watch this film TWICE just to wrap my head around this masterpiece. This movie came out around September 2018 and I’d saw many ads on social media about it and even saw the trailer but it looked like nonsense, so I skipped it. Holy shit what a HUGE mistake that was. ThisContinue reading “Assassination nation….”

Why riverdale?

The CWs riverdale has been renewed for a 4th season , and I’m just like….WHY!? Now don’t get me wrong, the first season was amazing and had me hooked after 1 episode. Season 1 was was truly their best season thus far, which is not great considering they’re 3seasons in. This show has just takenContinue reading “Why riverdale?”