Only love

since the media has basically stopped caring ,I’ll bring it up again. Last week empire star Jussie smollett was attacked in hate crime. Not a “possible” hate crime an actual hate crime. These men had a plan and were full of hate and used it on an out and proud BLACK actor. Not to mention they were trump supporters!! When does this end!? Who cares what color your skin is or who you choose to love?!! What does it even matter? The media needs to call this what it was and bring home justice for Jussie. This was an hate crime and was absolutely wrong and disgusting. The so called president is fueling these morons with fuel and they feel untouchable. But they’re not and we have to show them that their actions have consequences!! Also in regards to both the lgbtq community and the black community refusing to acknowledge that he got attacked for being both… do better. He’s a openly out proud black man. Not just an openly out man or a black man, he’s both.

Black magic✊🏾

Spotlighting a different black artist every day for black history month. Today we get two for the price of one ❤️ Girl group Chloe x Halle. Beyoncé’s protégés in the making. But they’re in a league all their own!! Check them out. They’re also nominated for a few Grammys this year.

Late 20s blues

Everyone has gone through it, it’s that time after 25 where you’re not exactly sure what you’re doing in your life or if you’re on the right path. You often feel like a waste of space and like you shouldn’t even be here. I’ve been having a lot of these moments lately. Which is weird cause I finally feel like I’m getting somewhere in my life and finally navigating towards my goals. But at the same time I feel like “shit I’m almost 30, I’m not doing enough”. Which then leads to me trying to find more hobbies and take on more social events than I can manage. Which then leads to me being overwhelmed with how much I’ve taken on, but also (I NEED TO DO MORE). It’s the pressure society puts on my generation to be “booked and busy”. It’s always, ” when I was your age I was in school and had two or three jobs” or the ” you don’t even do enough to be so tired “. When in reality Gretchen I’m probably doing way more than you ever did in 1802. Trying to work full time, while also be full time in college, while also trying to run a blog/website and have some sort of social life. And worry about the constant state of our country and planet. Although I do often have some late 20s blues, I do feel like I’m on the absolute right path. And as I enter my last two years of my twenty’s … I feel more confident and ready for my 30s. And more than ready to leave my late 20s blues behind.

Captain marvel

Okay by now we have all seen the 3 final captain marvel trailers. And if you haven’t , you’ve been living under a rock. I will shamelessly admit my only interest in captain marvel is due to infinity war and how she’s suppose to be a key player in saving us all from thanos. Before that I’d barley heard of captain marvel or held any interest in her really. And to be honest the trailers don’t really hold much interest either. I’m not sure if it’s Brie larsons take on the character or if their is just that missing humor and fun all marvel films have, but something is definitely missing. Now I can’t judge a whole film on a few thrown together trailers… but going by what I’ve seen so far… it doesn’t look all that fun. It looks like something out of dcs cabinet. Now as a self proclaimed feminist I’m all for the lead being a bad ass female with all these super cool powers who could maybe defeat the all mighty annoying thanos. But the trailers are doing so little to hype it up for fans. And from what I can see in the comments of every trailer 80% is not entirely sure about the film or that excited for it either. It’s like they waited to long to release her solo film. I don’t know… I guess we will have to wait til March and see what ms. Marvel is all about. (Marvel God’s please don’t let me down)

Gasparilla 2019

Yesterday I had the horrible honor to attend gasparilla!!!! Gasparilla is Tampa bays spinoff of Mardi Gras. And is basically just another reason for people to be drunk and dress like pirates and show their tits for beeds. Now I never actually made it to the actual parade but instead went to a private gasparilla party. You’re thinking FUN and FANCY and EXCLUSIVE right?!!! Well it’s was pretty fun … up until I realized I was shitfaced and my day was pretty much over. Now I’m no rookie and in my 27 years of life, I’ve learned how to “handle” my alcohol (kinda). But for some reason I thought I could hang. And hang to me meant … one wine mini, one Malibu rum mini,a Jell-O shot, and 1 and half rum and cokes. Reading that sentence alone is enough to make me feel sick all over again. And even though my cousin and our gasparilla peers kept telling me that “it was okay to be super drunk too fast at your first gasparilla”and “ if you’re not asleep on the curb, you’re Doing better than most”. Still my horrible hangover has absolutely killed my curiosity about gasparilla and I won’t be attending another. How bad was my hangover you ask? When I got home at 5 and thought I could just sleep it off (laugh with me), I realized I needed to do a number 2 and throw up all my shame. Which lasted from 10 at night til 3 am. All vomit aside, I did enjoy stuffing my face with nuggets and cookies and playing corn hole for the first time. Which I learned I indeed do NOT have a gentle throw and suck at corn hole. So what did I learn kids!? Alcohol is not my friend. And neither is the ugly cousin to Mardi Gras. And I am getting entirely too old for this . And that is my gasparilla story.


Welcome friends ….and everyone else! This is my first official post on my brand new website. I’m still getting my footing so bare with me. While I get my site together here’s some things you can expect to see around here…….

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