Isnt it romantic miley

Already super wife Miley Cyrus stepping in for her husband (Liam hemsworth) at the premiere of his film last night of isnt it romantic. Liam had to miss the premiere due to some serious health issues and Miley proudly and beautifully stepped in while Liam gets some much needed rest! Can I just say I LOVE this look. Like miss Cyrus-hemsworth did THAT. It’s definitely one of my favorite red carpet looks from her.


The 2019 Grammys were last night ! Even though I didn’t watch this year and only had a slight clue who was nominated,I was still able to catch up on some pretty memorable highlights from social media. Cardi b made history ,Chloexhalle were AMAZING,Miley Cyrus and Shawn mendes DID THAT, janelle monae shut it DOWN and yea Michelle Obama was there as well. But on to more Important things, THE ODD BUT AMAZING FASHION CHOICES OF THE GRAMMYS. Somewhere along the years we’ve gone from barley there dresses to whatever this year was. And I’m all for it. Here’s ALL of my top looks from last night.

1.kylie jenner-it’s pink and I don’t get it at all and that makes me love it even more. She looks amazing!

Miley Cyrus-she has come such a long way👏 This Miley era has been serving looks left and right. And she didn’t disappoint last night.
cardi b- HANDS DOWN MY FAVORITE LOOK OF THE NIGHT. This vintage look is super extra and fitting since she made history last night as the first female rapper to win. The only other person I could Ever imagine pulling this off would be Rihanna . Slay sis!

Janelle monae- but when does she ever look bad?! She’s constantly taking fashion risks and they’re always paying off. The level of confidence you need to wear this simply just be janelle monae. That’s it.

Lady Gaga- she’s been glowing this award season and looked like a gorgeous disco ball last night!

Top 5 favorite musicals of all time.

  1. High school musical 1,2,3( sue me I was a child when I first fell inlove with musicals and these films introduced me to the theater world) and let’s not act like these films don’t have bops on all 3 soundtracks.
  2. Rent. LISTEN THIS SOUNDTRACK IS HEAVEN. Every single song is HEAVEN.
  3. Mamma mia. A whole film with abba songs!! How can you not love this musical!?!
  4. Hairspray. I sang “Good morning Baltimore” for a whole year straight when the remake first came out, even though I live in Florida.
  5. les miserables. I mean come on… Anne Hathaway in “I dreamed a dream” was so heartbreaking and beautiful. It’s one of those films I can’t watch too many times because of how sad it is. But the soundtrack be on repeat!