After we collided is here!

After was the biggest indie-romance film of 2018!! ( take that haters and doubters). So it was only natural and right that we get our sequel: after we collided . And it seems Ana has heard the fans cry’s and paid attention to how disappointed we were in the MANY small but BIG changes that were made to our film. Changes that made NO sense really. So now we have a script written by miss Ana Todd herself, an rated r film and a new director. Our new and better fearless leader is the one and only Roger Kumble. He directed pretty little liars and 90s hit cruel intentions!!!!! So let’s just say we’re in for a TREAT. And we have been treated to a bunch of behind the scenes photos and videos already. AND we have our Vance, smith and trish! And Caroline forbes herself is playing KIMBERLY!!!!! They also recasted ken and Karen. But they had minor parts in after that it doesn’t really matter. And the recasting fits much better for this film. Hero and Josephine and the rest of the young cast are still around though not to worry. After we collided is my favorite of the series so I’m SUPER excited!!!! We’ve gotten major upgrades in every department, so here’s to a number one film in the world for 2020. Here’s also hoping this one saves the first one which didn’t do our book justice.

After part 2 is coming!!

The after fandom did it’s job by making AFTER the highest selling indie film of 2019 so far . Almost hitting the 70 million mark worldwide. That’s amazing for such a smaller film. But not surprising because the fandom generated billions of reads for the books. The author Ana even came out to say it will be rated R(YESS) and she wrote the script this time around!!!!! I’m so excited. Even more so that she got rid of the old team and heard the cries from the after fans. We in there, were gonna get OUR movie guys.For real this time. AWC era has begun.

After review ❤️

After started off as an harry styles fanfiction on watt pad many moons ago. Not even a legit harry styles fanfic she just used his face for the character. Cut to many many set backs and years later and we finally have our movie!! The after books were number one bestsellers. Every single one of them and recently became bestsellers again upon releasing the movie. That’s just how powerful the after fandom is! Now they did TONS of promo across the pond and in tons of Spanish countries. And the movie seems to be swimming well over there and is to others surprise doing super well stateside too. Performing much better than people thought. So hello after 2.3.4. The story is the classic coming of age story with a twist. Girl goes to college, meets bad boy and is taught many life lessons. First things first I LOVED the film adaption. I understand that the film and books can’t be the same. Especially since the books are over 600 pages. There’s no way you can fit every minor detail in a hour and 45 min. Movie. So I get it. The changes were necessary because the entire one direction fandom was determined to keep this movie from happening and being successful because of the lead characters attitude and connection to harry styles/one direction. So they made Hardin a big softie and he wasn’t an asshole like in the books. So realistically the films will do better like this. I could only imagine the backlash if they kept Hardin the same, especially in the wake of (me too) and the feminist movement. Asshole Hardin would’ve been destroyed. I see a lot of after fans trashing the movie cause of the changes and it’s like they’ve never seen an film adaptation before. No movie can be just like the book. And from what the producers and actors are saying the next few will be more closely true to the books. We will get our mean Hardin and more sex scenes hopefully. I also kinda get why they cut the sexy scenes. I mean they had to keep it pg13 to get more viewers and it wouldn’t be realistic to have them going at it like that the whole first movie. All in all it’s a really cute and great film. Definitely surprised me even having seen ALL the spoilers posted by official after social media. I still loved it. I can’t wait for after 2! I give it 4/5 only because they did cut a lot of things I wanted to see and the scenes were cut weird. Khadijah red thunder and innana were standouts! Liked them more than I thought I would. Dylan Arnold was adorable as Noah and his part with Josephine made me cry. Josephine was AMAZING. I can definitely see her career taking off after this! And hero’s acting and confidence got better as the film got on. Go see it and support it. Especially if you love teen/romance drama films. The story definitely gets better in the next book. Like you have no idea what’s in store. GO SEE IT!!!

After promo tour❤️

The after promo has started and our two leading stars are busting out some amazing red carpet and promo looks. I will say this seems to be the biggest movie that they both have done yet. That’s why in the beginning they were awkward with each other and didn’t know how to pose. ( much like Kristen and rob pre- twilight and Dakota and Jamie pre- fifty shades) but they seem to be getting more comfortable with each other in public and with the massive amount of fame and attention they’re getting. Our leading man hero is almost to a million followers on Instagram in just a few months.

this was from their European promo. They’re now state side as the film comes out next Friday. Go see it and give it a chance so we can get a second and third film. Keep an open mind, might surprise you. The story definitely gets better as the books progress.